The Paper Napkin

This blog represents me taking a risk and sharing the thoughts that rattle around in my head with a wider audience. I have a passion for art, education and art education. I hope to touch on all three of these areas at different points along the way. I am an elementary art educator and this will be my thirteenth year in the classroom. I began my career as a very traditional art teacher. Over the last several years, I have done a great deal of reflecting on what my students need and what kind of environment I am providing them. I have come to realize the old art room I used to be a part of, did not foster creativity, inspire artistic leadership, spark curiosity, develop the imagination and so on. I soon realized it was devoid of all of these things and more. Needless to say, it was a major “ah ha!” moment. I am still learning and enjoying the journey each and every day. I hope this blog will be able to help others thinking of, or currently going through the same transition as I am. This blog will not be linear either. I tend to jump around, make connections, revisit thoughts, revise thinking, change views, disagree with myself and anything else possible. I feel I should also mention, writing is a very intimidating process for me. However, the reason blogging appealed to me was it reminds me of the paper napkin in the art and design process.  This blog represents my disorganized thoughts, free-flowing ideas, big dreams and wishful thinking, scratched out in blue ink on a damp napkin.  Only this time, Instead of folding it up and placing in my pocket, only to be forgotten about the next morning… I am going to leave on the table and let the whole world see!

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