I feel it is so important to share the process with everyone.  I tend to exhibit projects as “in progress” out on shelves for all to see.  This values the artistic process, while letting others see the projects grow and develop over time.

Here are several examples of the process boards on display after each project.  Each board features images, quotes, planning documents and project explanations.  The purpose of each board is to provide insight into the artistic process the students were engaged in.  Most projects take an entire trimester to complete in order to explore each project from multiple perspectives.  Projects are also displayed throughout the process as works in progress.  It is essential to exhibit the projects “in progress” to underscore the importance of the process.  Most art projects are only displayed as finished products, which leads to the perception that art is only about aesthetic products ready to hang on the refrigerator.

Each board also has a brief project explanation.  It provides a narrative context for the art project.  It also states the visual art standards that were a part of the lesson as well.

IMG_4411 IMG_4412 IMG_4413 IMG_4421 IMG_4427 IMG_4432

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