Student Example

A Dancing Fire

Sometimes flames mean something.  Sometimes they don’t. I’m a flame that will never run out of fire.  My project shows my identity.  I got my idea from things that describe me, such as, I’m free spirited, I’m “different,” and weird in my own way.  My project is a flame that is “dancing.”  It’s important I learn about myself, to help me make a gift for people like me.

My art piece connects to my identity in different ways.  I love to dance and sometimes dancing is all over the place, like my fire.  I’m a free spirit, which means I don’t always care about what other people think of me.  I used a lot of materials for my project.  I used glitter to show how I stand out, I used cellophane, because sometimes I’m shy.  I used cardboard for the wood, because the wood is the fires base.  My family is my base, because they are a big part of my life.  I used paper for the flame, because I”m not strong enough, emotionally, to be something harder, but I’m strong enough to keep myself up right.  I used splattered paint to show how, sometimes, I’m sloppy.  I used hand prints, because I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.  Almost all of my materials mean something in my art piece.

I created my art piece, because I wanted to show my identity, and that will help me make a gift.  Making an art piece about myself lets me see things about myself that I’ve never seen before.  Everybody is different, and art is a way you can show people that.  Flames are different.  Here’s my flame.  Can I see yours?

-4th grade student

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