About Jason

About the Teacher

Jason Blair has been teaching art since the opening the opening of his school in the fall of 2002.  Prior to his current role, he has worked with elementary age children in summer camp programs, latchkey programs, art camps and through organized sports.  Upon completing a BA and MA at The Ohio State University in Art Education, Mr. Blair was hired to begin the art program at his current elementary school.  IMG_1253

Mr. Blair has worked tirelessly to establish a high quality and rigorous art education program for his students.  As a dedicated art educator, Mr. Blair has engaged in multiple opportunities to better himself as a teacher and in the process provide a rich and creative environment for his students to grow.

Mr. Blair has taught elementary art for 12 years.  He has also taught classes through Ashland University, served on several Graded Course of Study in the Visual Arts committees, responsible for writing the visual arts curriculum for school district, presented student work at local conferences, as well as National conferences in Chicago, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Texas.  Recently, he presented at the Progressive Education Network’s national conference in Los Angeles, California.  Mr. Blair was a selected participant in the 2012-13 Creativity Institute through the Columbus Museum of Art.  Several years ago, Mr. Blair was invited to participate in the National Art Education Association’s Distinguished Fellows Leadership workshop held in Bar Harbor, Maine.

His students have partnered with local artists, displayed work in local businesses, and been featured in several publications.  A year long collaborative project his students worked on was exhibited at the prestigious Columbus Museum of Art as well.

Mr. Blair begins his twelfth year teaching and learning from his students.

to contact me directly:  schoolteachers@mac.com

Available for Professional Development on topics such as: Creativity, Project-Based Learning, Innovative Learning Spaces, Assessment, or other topics related to Teaching and Learning.


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